Private policy on carstraderuk
Carstraderuk is a website which allows people to advertise their cars for sale. When signing up we require:
    •    Name
    •    Email
    •    Phone number
    •    Postcode
This data is kept so that regular customers will not have to re-register every time they want to advertise their car for sale.

Carstraderuk is not responsible for any car being sold as we do not inspect the car before or while on sale at carstraderuk.This is upto the buyer to do their checks before making the purchase. We are only an advertising website when a seller advertises their cars for sale it is upto them to give full details and also for the potential buyer to get in contact with the seller and get the relevant information regarding the car for sale. Carstraderuk does not take any responsibility for any sale being made and also for any car which has a bad history this is the buyer’s responsibility to do relevant checks.

Pricing private account
Carstraderuk has a set price for private accounts at £9.99. This can change in such occasions whereby it could increase or decrease depending on promotions. £9.99 is only charged on a 4 week period as the customer can advertise their vehicle at this price. We will notify the customer before the advert is about to expire and is upto them to pay and renew their account.

Pricing trade accounts
Carstraderuk has a different price for trade customers which is £269.99 this is on a subscription basis. It is upto the customer to cancel this once signed up this fee will be charged every 4 weeks up until the customer cancels their subscription. Trade customers can advertise upto 30 cars and the price can vary if a customer has less vehicles for sale they will get charged less accordingly. They also have the option of rotating their adverts at no extra cost so that they get full value for for the money they are paying.

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